Unite ... and beat crime

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

This is one of the many bold statements by entertainer and emerging social activist Desmond Dube's anti-crime campaign, the Million Man March, subtitled United Against Crime, which takes place in Pretoria on Tuesday from noon to 1pm.

Dube believes that if South Africans were to unite they could turn the current situation around.

He says: "All we have to do is to go back to the cornerstone of Africa, botho, ubuntu or, simply put, humaneness.

Dube, who has designed the march as a telling response to the unacceptable crime and criminality in South Africa, will surely have a profound image when he leads thousands of equally concerned compatriots - that of his fellow actor, mentor, community leader and neighbour, Bashimane "Shimmy" Mofokeng.

Mofokeng was shot dead in March in a hijacking near his home in Mulbarton, south of Johannesburg, and is one of the thousands of hapless victims of lawless louts and social outcasts.

Dube says the march, which is open to men aged 18 and older, aims to:

lUnite all South Africans against crime because crime can only be defeated if confronted with a collective will, a combined commitment and a united plan of action.

lEmpower people who feel helpless, vulnerable and alone by offering them a platform from which to voice their displeasure at the scourge of crime and criminality.

lAct as a collective petition of people to urge the government to take decisive action against the crime and criminality crisis.

lReinforce the call for more and better resources to be given to the police.

lBoost calls for the implementation of more efficient corruption-busting mechanisms with state organs, including the police service.

Sowetan, SABC2 and Metro FM are lending media and publicity support. A large number of celebrities - among them Metro FM talk show host and inspirational speaker Chriselda Kananda and her colleagues, and Isidingo star Hlubi Mboya - are also adding their supportive voices.

l By 7:10pm on Wednesday, 592645 people had visited www.millionmanmarch.co.za. For more information on the march, e-mail: info@millionmanmarch.co.za. Also see other nation-building stories on www.sowetan.co.za.