levelling the field

Matome Lebea

Matome Lebea

Mhlave Investment Holdings has injected R110000 into the Greater Tzaneen Local Football Association (GTLFA).

The sponsorship was announced in Tzaneen on Wednesday.

The Gauteng-based company's sponsorship is expected to benefit more than 60 teams affiliated to the association.

Ronald Mhlave Mabunda, the company's chief executive, says the sponsorship is aimed at developing soccer in the deep rural areas.

"I discovered that there is a lot of talent that needs to be nurtured through a financial backing, hence I resolved to lend a helping hand," he said.

"I also missed an opportunity of developing into a professional player, due to poor infrastructure and lack of funding for soccer.

"I believe that the sponsorship will be used towards the association's administration and prizes for the teams," added Mabunda, who is from Shihoko village near Tzaneen.

Mabunda has also bought Vodacom League side Shihoko Terrors that will participate in the provincial league next season.

"We appreciate the sponsorship and hope that it will help to improve the standard of our teams as they will all fight for the huge first prize money," Phillip Dambuza, GTLFA's chairman, said yesterday.

"On the other side it will assist to revive the sport at the villages and further play a vital role towards the fight against crime and drug abuse by the youths.

"We will use the money to the benefit of the youngsters and be accountable for every cent that will be used.

"Our mission is to produce National First Division and Premiership teams from this foundation laid by Mabunda."