Taxi trip when fat mama driver displays her beefy assets

A commuter has called to tell me about the shocking dress code of a fat mama who is a taxi driver.

A commuter has called to tell me about the shocking dress code of a fat mama who is a taxi driver.

She plies her trade on the Midrand to Johannesburg route. She is allegedly rude, shabby and improperly dressed.

On the hottest day last month, she apparently ferried customers around wearing a towel draped like a kanga. The towel opened up on one side and the men were treated to the sight of a beefy thigh. She was not wearing the new underwear for the plus size woman - tights.

The towel was faded, frayed and had unsightly eyes all over. It should not have been used in the bathroom, let alone as a working uniform.

She also wore a red T-shirt and topped off her outfit with a horrible woolen hat. She did not look like someone who had been near a bathtub on that particular day.

What surprised the commuter was that the woman seemed to be in her early 30s.

The commuters thought she was one of the professional beggars who pester people for a R2 donation to the nearest township.

They are professionals because they are there everyday with the same spiel about being mugged, drugged in mysterious ways, or having missed a relative who was supposed to pick them up.

The beggars come in all colours, shapes and sizes. They ask for a small amount, not the full fare, because they know that it is easier to give someone R2 than R10.

Back to the taxi mama. When the woman got into the taxi she discovered that the front passengers were male. This sent her into a rage and she threw the mother of all tantrums.

She screamed at the two men to get out and said she did not want men next to her. The two embarrassed passengers slunk into the back seat and tried to make themselves as small as possible.

I told Auntie Emma about this behaviour and how the passengers had no one to complain to about the incident.

Auntie Emma, who knows these things, said the woman had probably realised that her assets would be on view when she changed the gears.

As for her clothes, Auntie Emma said the poor dear's clothes could have been chewed to rags by the giant rats that have colonised Gauteng. Or perhaps a love rival had cut them to ribbons. Or she had forgotten where she lived and could not retrieve her clothes.

Auntie Emma said it was difficult to complain about a dress code or gender harassment because the complaint sounded so petty.

She said most men shut up when women go for them because they feared being embarrassed in public.