Is Mbeki expected to invade Zim?

Your interview with ANC president Jacob Zuma last week refers.

Your interview with ANC president Jacob Zuma last week refers.

It was the third time that Zuma has said that Thabo Mbeki's role in Zimbabwe is being misinterpreted.

Recently, in the UK, he told journalists that they could not expect Mbeki to be a mediator and an activist in Zimbabwe.

Everybody calls for commissions of enquiry for different issues in this country.

Mbeki's neutrality, as with Kofi Annan's in Kenya, is vital for a positive outcome in Zimbabwe. Nobody has yet challenged Zuma on this important aspect.

It is a because of the lack of such detail on an important matter that I find opposition to Mbeki wanting.

If anybody needs to be criticised, it is Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF, which is happening. But why are we criticising Mbeki for the way he is handling Zimbabwe? He is the leader of our country, not Zimbabwe.

He has a lot on his plate and cannot be expected to run Zimbabwe too. Do we want him to invade Zimbabwe, effect a regime change and install Morgan Tsvangirai as leader? George Bush would be smiling.

The MDC makes matters worse when they praise Mbeki one day and call him a traitor the next.

Thanks Sowetan, for raising the matter with Zuma in your interview.

Nkosana Zali, Mogale City