Gospel star back from the abyss

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

He was down for more than a year and everyone thought that was the end of him.

Gospel artist Andy Mashiye is back from bankruptcy and the verge of death to release a new album, Woza Ku Jesu.

The album takes the listener on the journey of his illness and recovery and now he is doing what he likes most, creating music that touches the hearts and minds of gospel fans.

"I fell sick in mid-2006 owing to depression and stress because musically things were not going well for me," Mashiye says.

"I am a father of three children and it was not nice seeing my children cry because I could not put food on the table.

"The banks threated to repossess my house and I had to sell two cars to survive. The stress made me ill.

"At the time the situation was worsened by the fact that my wife had left me. That was really bad because I lost hope," the now healthy looking Mashiye told Sowetan yesterday.

That was then - but now everything is bright for the gospel star who has nine albums behind him, including this latest, and is looking forward to a fine future in music once more.

"I am now back and as far as music is concerned everything looks bright with the release of Woza Ku Jesu.

"This is one of the best albums I have done because it is genuine in taking people through my pain and the remarkable recovery.

"It simply shows that with God on your side, anything is possible. My recovery is proof of that and I am now back into the game that I am used to, which is creating music."

Woza Ku Jeu is available at leading shops.