Small farmers to benefit from agriculture project

The Rural Trading Point Model is a social enterprise project focusing on feedstock development and security for key stakeholders in the bio-fuel industry in Mozambique and Southern Africa.

Large quantities of feedstock are secured via a community involvement programme. The programme focuses on utilising available community resources by stimulating economic and social activities in rural communities via the establishment of rural trading points.

These points create rural agricultural business hubs, where communities and farmers can either sell their produce, or purchase basic household goods and products.

The Rural Trading Point Model will empower farming communities by providing them with a sustainable market for their coconut and vegetable oil produce, as well as other agricultural products.

This in turn will provide farmers with the means to increase production of plants and trees from which vegetable oil can be made.

The project also aims to assist poor farmers develop and grow agri-businesses that produce the feedstock to make biodiesel and the down-stream by-products and co-products. Self-sufficient agricultural training schools will be established to develop skills.

The Rural Trading Point Model will provide a rural agricultural and business footprint from where further businesses can be developed. The model promises to support further agricultural development, eco-tourism, micro-lending and banking, telecommunications, health care and education.

The model is the brainchild of Hende Wayela Energia, Ecomoz and Sunfuel Energia.

The companies combined technical expertise, human resources, political support and financial resources to launch the project. - Biodiesel One South Africa