More relief for displaced refugees

Michael Sakuneka

Michael Sakuneka

The Limpopo department of health and social development will increase humanitarian relief to 61 displaced immigrants at Mohlaletse village.

The immigrants include seven women and four children who are accommodated in a mobile structure, while 50 men are housed in a tent, at Apel police station.

They were forced to vacate their houses by a mob that attacked foreigners and their goods were stolen.

The refugees said they were "living a life of hell" because they don't have enough blankets in the biting winter cold.

Department spokesman Ivy Sikwane said the immigrants comprised mostly Zimbabweans and Mozambicans.

She said officials have been deployed to the area to provide counselling to victims of the attacks.

Sikwane added that the victims will also be provided with food parcels, blankets and clothes.