The supreme road monster

Phuti Mpyane

Phuti Mpyane

Without any doubt, the SL is quite a sensation and in AMG form it's even more impressive. This face-lifting of Merc's sporting ranges extends to the SLK.

The SLK is the company's most fashionable open-top car and refinements now include a new high-revving 224kW and 360Nm V6 engine and a host of interior and exterior adjustments.

The three-model SLK series is revised to reflect more comfort and better agility, spiced with exterior tweaks of a new front bumper, bigger eyes, and at the rear, all the models except the 5,5-litre V8 SLK 55 AMG, which retains the AMG signature four oval exhaust pipes. Though it's quite uncomplicated to notice that the new SL has a new front bumper design incorporating elongated headlamps now in line with other Mercedes cars of the day, and of yester-year apparently, the rest of the car could very well be the previous model. But it isn't.

It's longer and wider than the car it replaces and continues the legacy of the SL series in combining brute power and luxury and topping it off with a convertible roof to create what is agreed to be the world's best convertible.

It too has its sporting senses turned up and this livening is evident even in the entry level SL 500 that uses a 5,5-litre V8 pushing out 285kW and 530Nm.

It truly is a posh life in the snug SL cabin with everything in close reach and new features such the air-scarf made famous by the SLK. This is a gap in the headrest that blows warm air over occupant's necks for added protection against colder weather.

Hardened speed lovers should overlook the SL 500 and instead pay attention to the SL 63 AMG and SL65 AMG. The SL 63 is the official F1 safety car and is naturally fitted with AMG regalia of large wheels, aggressive styling and four oval tail pipes that emit a bass so loud it can very well trigger a rock fall.

It uses a new dual clutch 6-speed gearbox to distribute its 386kW and 630Nm from its V8 motor. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is rated at 4,6 seconds and top-speed limited to 250 km/h.