The Ka is the perfect runabout for the city

Charl Wilken

The Ford Ka is without doubt one of the smallest and most economical sedans around.

This little runner truly justifies the expression that dynamite comes in small packages.

The model under discussion is almost two years old but has done only 28000km and is in perfect condition.

The bodywork is free of any marks and scratches and the paintwork is still shiny. Another plus is its welcoming interior.

Though the Ford Ka will not win awards for its design it definitely has a practical edge.

The large headlights and tail-lights - with their tortoise-like design - are what makes you recognise the Ka from kilometres away.

As far as our model is concerned we can say that it is as neat as a pin. The seats and plastic covers are as new.

The dash has a decidedly modern look. All its controls are within ideal range of the driver and are easy to operate.

Another pleasing aspect is that the Ford Ka's interior space is surprisingly roomy.

Three medium-sized people are able to sit in comfort and the car has enough boot space to cope with those extra school satchels or shopping bags.

Standard features include a driver's airbag, power steering, electric windows for the two front doors, aircon and front-loading CD-player.

The four-cylinder, 1,3-litre petrol engine delivers sufficient power to carry the lightweight Ka with ease - employing a five-speed manual transmission to deliver the 51kW of power and 106Nm of torque to the front wheels.

The Ka handles extremely well. Its wheels are situated in such a way that it handles like a super go-cart.

Considering recent fuel hikes, the Ka is the perfect car for running around town or for those trips to work and back.