Couple swindled

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

When they suddenly saw bank notes flying about them while they were withdrawing money from an ATM, a Mpumalanga couple thought it was their lucky day.

Little did they know that they had walked straight into a trap set up by tricksters who had been monitoring their movements.

The husband was busy withdrawing cash from an ATM in Beaty Street, Witbank, when his wife suddenly knelt on the ground after seeing bank notes flying about.

Unfortunately they did not realise that the notes were fake.

While the woman was picking up the notes, another woman - one of the tricksters - joined her in the scramble for the loot.

The trickster urged the woman to accompany her to a remote area where they could share the money equally.

When the woman's husband joined them after withdrawing money, they were confronted by two men pretending to be policemen. The robbed the couple of their cash and other belongings.

Superintendent Abie Khoabane of the Mpumalanga provincial police said the couple was about to withdraw R3500 from the ATM when the notes on the pavement drew their attention.

Khoabane said when the man finished withdrawing the money, he joined his wife and the woman in some nearby bushes. That was when they were confronted by the two men.

"They identified themselves as policemen who were looking for money that had been stolen from a certain white man in town," Khoabane said.

"They produced fake police appointment cards and then robbed the couple of their money and two cellphones."

Khoabane said no arrests had been made yet.

Meanwhile, Captain Eddie Hall of the Witbank police said they had already received six similar complaints.

He said the number of such cases reported could be far fewer than the actual number of robberies committed.

Hall said the robbers keep on using the same trick to rob unsuspecting victims. He appealed to the public to report the robberies and help the police arrest the culprits.