Safpu to the rescue

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

Elvis Sekgobela, South African Football Players Union (Safpu) spokesman, believes they have scored a milestone victory for the players in terms of recouping the money that was owed to them by the clubs in the past season.

"We have managed to get close to R4 million that was owed to the players in disputes," revealed Sekgobela yesterday.

"The money excludes more than R3 million which FC AK owes to the players. We will also ensure that FC AK pay whatever they owe the players."

Sekgobela said they will review the past season at their third congress that will be held in Johannesburg from Friday until Sunday.

The future of the current leadership will also be decided at the gathering.

Brian Baloyi is the president of Safpu while Peter Ndlovu and Hareaipha Marumo are deputy presidents. But it appears that Baloyi and Marumo are not aware of what is happening in the union.

The two would not immediately comment when approached yesterday and asked to be contacted later.

"The players will decide whether they are happy with the current leadership or not. I cannot pre-empt the outcome of the elections. But what I can emphasise, though, is that we have achieved a lot for the players in the past season. We will continue to fight for their rights," Sekgobela said, adding that they were happy with their membership figures.

"Our membership increased by more than 20 percent last season and we now have about 825 registered members and this shows that we are growing as a union. The establishment of a bargaining chamber with the Premier Soccer League is also helping us to address matters affecting the players speedily," he told Sowetan.

Sekgobela also stressed that they were concern with the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals and described the act as barbaric.

"We reject with contempt the notion that the foreign nationals who happen to be our fellow brothers and sisters are the cause of joblessness in our country. These barbaric attacks raise suspicions that an evil hand or a third force might be involved as part of bringing political instability in the country as we advance to the 2010 World Cup," Sekgobela said.