UNGRACIOUS exit for grace

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

In what almost sounds like the chants of a hostile section at a soccer match criticising their team's performance, some viewers of the popular local soapie Generations are saying good riddance to actress Genevieve Howard's role in the soapie.

Howard's contract with Generations ends in August and, as if she saw it coming, she says she won't be pursuing her acting career for the near future.

Her role as Grace, hitched to high-flying muso Ajax, is currently making for some gut-wrenching viewing, says one viewer.

"Their relationship became too stormy and made the whole story unbearable," says Aviwe Bukhosini, a young scriptwriter.

"It was too cheesy for both to be virgins when they met," says avid soapie fan Mluleki April.

"And then Grace had the audacity to disclose the new turn of events to her dad, who was just cool with it - and then the couple were joined at the hip until Ajax's fame got the better of their relationship.

"Yuck, man!"

Others argue it was the arrival of the hip-swinging Palesa that should be blamed for the thin plot.

"Since her introduction to the soapie, she has been nothing but a nuisance, forever driving a wedge between the two lovebirds - maybe it's Palesa's role that should be canned," says Angie Baloyi, a film production student.

But Baloyi is glad the turbulent relationship is being withdrawn.

"The one thing I've noticed about Generations' scriptwriters is their unrealistic reflection of South African life. "There was just too much wire-crossing complications . causing more anguish than drama."