Softball decline hits schools

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Softball legend Barry "White" Matemane is so concerned about the decline of softball at schools in South Africa that he has called for assistance from the government.

In the same breath, Matemane also pleaded with teachers to also ensure that the ball game was revived at the institutions of learning.

"Just over 15 years ago, softball was one of the most popular sporting codes in black residential areas and schools," Matemane said.

"The problem that we are faced with is that softball has all of sudden been relegated to one of the minor sporting codes, the government must help us.

"We are told that it is no longer one of the priority codes. All the resources are now channeled into soccer, cricket, rugby and boxing.

"It is disheartening that every time we [in softball] have to send a team to the international competitions, we have to go to all the corners for all sorts of assistance."

"I still remember in GaRankuwa where there were five high schools playing competitive softball on a regular basis."

He called for principals to help revive the sport at schools.

"Soccer, boxing and rugby are not the only sporting codes."