Poems to heal the hurt of all Africans

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

The events surrounding the siege on immigrant communities in the country has spurred young professional South Africans in the financial services sector to show their support to all those who are affected.

The young emerging poets have come up with an innovative plan to deal with the trauma of witnessing human beings set on fire and hacked to pieces with lethal weapons and people's property destroyed - by writing poems.

The coordinator of this innovative artistic and rehabilitative move is young banker Alexis Rantoane.

"We thought this might bring awareness to people that we, as South Africans, are embarrassed and hurt by the events taking place," Rantoane told Sowetan.

Here are some of the poems from some of the concerned young poets.

From the earth of this continent i was raised

africa my land, my home, my fate

i thought all of africa was mine to explore

yet when i venture into africa

all i get is closed doors. - Alexis Rantoane

I wanna runaway

Leave all my thoughts behind

All the pain and torture

I need time

Just to find out who I am

Cause I got lost a long time ago

I made a few bad decisions

And now I'm left with the consequences

And who I'm gonna find my placein Zimbabwe. - Financial accountant Vusi Hloyi

The cradle of intelligence, has but become the cradle of violent violence,

I renounce, curse and cuss with no pretence. - Mpho Mashigo

In this world they take what u own

Tears and sweat is what you wear

. Instead of your throne

Black man in this world

You are alone

Killing and violence is inside your homes

Lest we forget that this world was built just like Rome

Not a day less, nor an hour late

Black man you are alone,

Hence there is so much hate

Memories of Zimbabwe's humble beginnings

Got lost in Alexandra while you were sleeping

Now police stations are your places of hiding

Black man, what happened to the way our forefathers were living. - Lethiwe Khoza