The power diesel with a sensational appearance

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Audi this week unveiled its power diesel at the 27th annual Lake Worther Tour, held in Austria. The show ends on Sunday.

The Audi A3 TDI clubsport quattro has a distinctly confident air about it. Sensational styling instantly sets the three-door show car apart from the standard production Audi A3. The engine produces power output of 165kW and torque stands at 450Nm.

The design team kitted out this car with a whole array of new exterior parts to give it an extremely sharp and dynamic look, almost like a racing car. The paint finish is also a picture of vibrancy: the engine hood, tailgate and roof are ibis white and the flanks brilliant red, while a large white figure "8" is emblazoned across each door in reference to the year 2008.

The car rides on impressive 10-spoke wheels measuring 9 J x 20, which are in turn shod with size 265/30 ZR 20 tyres.

Though the brakes at the rear wheels were borrowed from the series-production A3, the ones on the front would not be out of place on a supercar: six-piston calipers exert a vice-like grip on brake discs measuring 356 millimeters in diameter. The discs themselves are made of a material which has been of tremendous value to the aerospace industry, consisting of high-strength carbon fibers embedded in hard silicon carbide. They have a lightweight construction, can withstand extreme levels of strain, are corrosion-free and have a service life in the region of 300000km.

It comes equipped with a sports suspension that is more than capable of handling the formidable power. The front suspension - a classic McPherson layout - is pivoted on a light, high-strength aluminum sub-frame.