Is this the African

The attacks visited on fellow Africans in South Africa are an insult to the memory of great African leaders who strove for the unity of the African continent - like Kwame Nkrumah, Robert Sobukwe and Cheikh Anta Diop.

Speaking to African Americans at the Martin Luther King Jnr International Chapel on April 6 1985, Diop said in his opening remarks: "The most important thing we have to do by the end of this century is to reconstruct the links that tie us as communities..."

Were Diop, Nkrumah and Sobukwe to rise from their graves, what would they say about the abominable scenes of Africans burning other Africans alive?

Sobukwe and Diop spoke about the rebirth of Africa in 1948. Is this the African rebirth or renaissance to which they referred?

What should one expect from a leader such as Nelson Mandela, who described pan-Africanism and black consciousness as immature in his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom ?

The antidote to the self-loathing South Africans displayed in their attacks on fellow Africans is pan-Africanism and black consciousness.

The PAC and black consciousness movement were once victims of these wanton acts of violence fuelled by intolerance and turf wars perpetrated by some ANC and UDF members.

I think they still do.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso