Immigrant problem fault of government

The mayhem in Alex and elsewhere was directly caused by the government.

Where in the world have you seen open borders day and night and no worthwhile effort by the government to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants?

The government has turned its back on the problems of the immigrants, who have to fend for themselves in a country with a high unemployment rate and limited resources for its own people.

What is happening is a manifestation of turning one's back and thinking nature will provide.

The government's denunciation of this kind of violence is not good enough.

What is the basic solution to the mess it has created? Who is responsible and accountable for these illegal immigrants?

The people who live side by side with the immigrants are the ones who feel the pinch in terms of the fierce competition of the capitalist system.

To say that a third force is involved is mere speculation.

Anybody entering South Africa should be registered so that behaviour trends can be recorded in case crime is involved.

Illegal immigration should not be allowed, but immigration according to skill shortages should be encouraged because it boosts the economy.

South Africa has to educate its nationals about immigration from an early age and learn from Australia the US, EU and UK.

Nana Mthembu, Johannesburg