Clerics accused of sinning

Sipho Masombuka

Sipho Masombuka

Sinning by clerics of the Ethiopian Catholic Church in Zion is alleged to be so bad that the Soshanguve congregation in Tshwane boycotted holy communion during the provincial synod and convention early this month.

A concerned church member spoke out after a story in Sowetan last Friday, in which Pastor Diphapang Potsane said he was suspended from the church after he demanded action against errant clerics.

He claimed that deacons and bishops smoked, drank, stole and had extra-marital affairs.

The deputy chairman of the branch's church council, France Mohafe, said their congregation boycotted holy communion at the synod meeting at Voeteen, near Bela-Bela in Limpopo, because they did not want to take it from impure clerics.

"Holy communion was administered by the archbishop, dean and registrar of the province, who smoke, drink and have extra-marital affairs," Mohafe said.

"How does one take communion from unchaste people like that? Holy communion represents Christ's flesh and blood."

Archbishop Simon Moloisane, leader of the church, said the communion boycott was a "blatant lie" spread by people who are conniving with Potsane to destroy the image of the church.

"This [church] is the house of the Lord and not of an individual," said Moloisane. said.

"Potsane thinks he is the alpha and omega and I am not going to entertain his baseless claims.

"I am going to call an urgent church meeting to discuss the matter."