Chronology of SABC discord

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

January 10

Mpofu requests a meeting with Mkonza and Qunta to discuss chief operations officer's appointment.

Mkonza to pursue it with Minister Matsepe-Casaburri, deadline March 31.

April 4

First bilateral between Mpofu and Mkonza.

Mkonza had prepared memo criticising Mpofu's leadership.

April 9

SABC executives invited to board meeting at Hyatt Hotel Rosebank, told to wait outside. But never called in.

April 12

Sunday Times reporter phones Mpofu about allegations around his management competency.

Mpofu refused to comment.

April 13

Sunday Times splashes front page story "New board guns for SABC boss".

April 14

Mpofu meets Lagadien in Cape Town on HR issues.

Mkonza and Qunta takes part in discussion. They deny leakage and plan to fire Mpofu and assure him there is no probe against him.

April 15

Group executive committee meeting discusses leaked document and newspaper article. Identified factual inaccuracies in both.

Mpofu mandated to arrange meeting with the board.

April 18

Mpofu writes to Mkonza about crisis caused by leaked document.

Mkonza rejects request to meet the executives, saying there is no crisis.

April 23

Mkonza writes to Mpofu informing him of meeting of non-executive members, says Mpofu not invited.

April 24

Board invites Mpofu to a non-executives meeting. Told to wait outside.

Later told the board has decided to investigate him.

Mpofu meets with board HR committee chair, Fadila Lagadien in Cape Town.

But Mkonza and Qunta also attend.

April 25

Mkonza phones Mpofu to tell him about decision to reverse probe against him.

April 29

Mpofu attends communications portfolio committee meeting in Cape Town. Postponed.

Mpofu, Mkonza, Qunta, Andile Mbeki, and acting COO prepare for committee meet in the evening.

April 30

Committee grills the board.

Mkonza confirms she authored the leaked memo.

May 2

Mpofu informed about Zikalala leaking the memo.

May 4

Mpofu phones to tell Mkonza about the sensitive issue and requests meeting.

May 6

Zikalala admits to giving a confidential audit report to a third party. Mpofu suspends him.

May 7

Board suspends Mpofu.