ANC buddies pull a fast one

Nice one that the ANC crowd in parliament pulled there.

Nice one that the ANC crowd in parliament pulled there.

With little fanfare they had a notice published in the Government Gazette ordering investigators "not to pursue any action against the various MPs in relation to uninvoiced tickets, levies and services".

That put paid to any further investigation of the Travelgate scam.

Remember it, the one in which scores of MPs used our tax money to live high on the hog? They would claim travel expenses for flights they never took, museums they never visited and flowers for assorted playmates.

Now their comrades, colleagues and good chinas we elected to parliament have ensured they're off scott free.

The gall of these gravy trainers knows no bounds. These public representatives knowingly stole millions of rands from us, the taxpayers. Now they will be let off with a slap on the wrist.

Sorry, our good public representatives. Anyone who steals from the public purse has provided all the proof we need that the bum is unfit for public service.

Fire these fraudsters and send a signal that we will not tolerate any form of corruption, especially from our elected representatives.

Struggle history and an impeccable past notwithstanding, anyone who steals from us has failed the test.

Send these failures home and tell every South African a new spirit of public service is afoot.