KZN motorists warned

Mary Papayya

Mary Papayya

Motorists in Durban should brace themselves for major road closures on Monday.

Construction work is expected to pick up on the multi-million rand Warwick Triangle inbound flyover project on May 19.

The eThekwini municipality says the project is expected to sort out one of Durban's biggest traffic nightmares.

Road provision department deputy head Roy Gooden says preliminary work began in March but warned that the next phase of the development is on a far bigger scale.

"Mid-May will see the start of substantial construction work that will necessitate road closures," Gooden said.

Set to cost R250million the Warwick Triangle inbound flyover is a landmark project.

Once completed the flyover will carry traffic travelling into the city on the Western Freeway directly on to Johannes Nkosi (Alice) Street, bypassing the heavily congested Warwick Triangle area.

"By constructing the flyover we will be able to significantly reduce traffic congestion and the many accidents," Gooden said.

Though the flyover will be completed just in time for the 2010 World Cup, the benefits to motorists and pedestrians will extend well beyond 2010.