How to play with a child

Here are some more ideas for structured play:

Here are some more ideas for structured play:

l Play bounce catch, use paper airplanes to practise throwing and balance a beanbag while walking - and make this more challenging by setting up a simple slalom course.

l Play freeze dance, play wheelbarrow with your child by holding his or her legs while your child walks forward on his or her hands.

Many parents are eager to enrol their pre-school child in organised sports. Though some leagues might be open to children as young as four years old, organised and team sports are not recommended until a child is a little older.

Pre-schoolers can't understand complex rules and often lack the attention span, skills, and coordination needed to play sports.

If you decide to enrol your pre-schooler in an organised team sport such as T-ball or soccer, make sure the emphasis is on helping your child gain basic physical skills, like running, and fundamental social skills, like following rules and taking turns. -Kids Health