Fill up and get the latest blockbuster

Adele Shevel

Adele Shevel

Movie distributor Ster-Kinekor is cashing in on the growing popularity of the petrol station forecourt store with a new franchise concept called Moviestop.

Consumers are now able to add a DVD to their basket once they have signed up.

The customer pays R25 to R27 a day for the video. After 12 days, the movie is theirs to keep at a total accumulated price of R300 to R324.

Fuel station convenience stores are becoming true retail destinations offering an array of choices combined with ease of access and all-day convenience.

"We've become a market of instant gratification and what we want we want now. Moviestop is not meant to replace the traditional video store - it's offering the consumer the latest movies and entertainment 24/7 in the most convenient manner possible," said Russel Rottanburg, chief executive officer of Ster-Kinekor Moviestop.

The plan is to extend this to a wider digital basket including being able to book and print movie tickets at the kiosk and ultimately music and movie downloads, though this is still just a vision.

The petrol station shop, which many consider safer for late night shopping, could also become a facility to pay bills such as water, electricity and traffic fines and to rent video games.

After a successful pilot phase in a handful of stores, Moviestop plans to be in nine stores by the end of June and 120 by June next year. The latest movies are added every week with the balance of the choice from about the last 12 months.