Border cops act against car thieves

Masoka Dube

Masoka Dube

Vehicle theft and the smuggling of stolen vehicles into neighbouring countries is rampant, Mpumlanga police said

This after the police found a stolen vehicle that was about to be smuggled into Swaziland through the border post at Piet Retief on Saturday morning.

Mahamba police spokesman Constable Eric Sibisi said the theft and smuggling of vehicles into neighbouring countries was a "daily headache" for the police working at border posts.

"A police inspector received a tip-off that a Mazda 323 would be smuggled into Swaziland in the early morning hours.

"The inspector, who was travelling alone, saw a car speeding towards the border post and followed it," Sibisi said. "When the driver noticed that a police car was following him he increased the speed and the officer gave chase.

"The alleged stolen car stopped at the border post and two people jumped out and ran into Swaziland."

Sibisi said the vehicle was taken to Mahamba police station and was waiting for the owner to collect it.

The police said the car was stolen in Phongola in Kwazulu-Natal. The owner lives in Piet Retief.