Female cop opened fire on her senior colleague

Ntwaagae Seleka

Ntwaagae Seleka

A female police constable has turned herself in to police because she thought that she had shot and killed her colleague.

Spokesman Captain Cheryl Engelbrecht said the constable and her senior colleague worked at the Cleveland police station near Johannesburg.

Engelbrecht said the constable on Friday allegedly assaulted a civilian female, wholaid a charge of assault against her.

"On Saturday she was told she would be charged by the department and disarmed," said Engelbrecht.

The constable looked for the superintendent who would head the disciplinary action but could not find him. She went to an inspector's house and asked him to take her to her boyfriend' s house.

Once in the car the constable jumped into the back seat and fired a shot at the inspector. The bullet hit him in the hand.

She jumped out of the moving vehicle thinking she had killed her colleague. She later tuned herself in and will face attempted murder and assault charges.