What is going on at the SABC is a big joke

I am saddened by the drama taking place at the SABC.

What makes me sick is that all the people involved in this drama have built their reputations over time. They have acquired many credits in their different areas of work and study which made them eligible to be appointed as SABC board members or senior managers.

But both the SABC board and executive management seem to be pulling in opposite directions with lots of petty squabbles engulfing Auckland Park. Surely any sober person would desist from associating with such an institution? What is happening at the SABC is a joke, especially 14 years after independence.

The challenge at the SABC is exacerbated by a board and executive management that do not want to uphold the founding principles of the broadcaster but want to take sides in a political fallout. The SABC is gradually losing its credibility.

The board should know that what it has done to [Dali] Mpofu also applies to them. I think the board acted prematurely in suspending Mpofu before [Snuki] Zikalala's case was resolved.

The board's leadership qualities were tested in the short time it has been in charge. With this irrational decision-making they should concede failure and the entire board should do the honourable thing by resigning.

Masket Mtshweni,