Robbers kill farmhand During raid

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Three men who were refused a discount on a sheep that they appeared to want to buy from a farm in Mpumalanga yesterday robbed and shot dead a farmworker before fleeing the scene.

But police believe the men were only observing the place under the pretext they were customers.

Police said three men visited Kwaggafontein farm in Carolina last week, enquiring about the price of sheep.

They then showed the owner, Helen Mcgeen, the sheep they wanted and promised to come back for it this Friday.

But yesterday morning while Mcgeen was away, the men returned, saying they had come to collect the sheep they had selected last week.

Police spokesman Superintendent Abie Khoabane said three farmworkers then took the men to the kraal to fetch the sheep.

"An argument ensued when the men said the sheep was too expensive and demanded a discount on it," said Khoabane.

"During the argument one farmworker was shot in the chest while the other two managed to run away," he said.

The dead man's identity could not be revealed until his family had been informed.

Khoabane said the men took the dead man's R150.

He said the men met Mcgeen at the entrance as she was returning from dropping her child at school.

The men allegedly escorted her to the house, intent on looking for money. "When they did not find money in the house, they took her in her car but, after travelling a short distance, the criminals started fighting among themselves."

Khoabane said the farmer took this opportunity to grab the steering wheel and caused an accident.

As the car rolled, the farmer fell out and lay quietly, pretending she was dead. The robbers fled the scene.