All dictators finally turn into takers

Your letter "We must protect our dictators" (May 5) refers.

Your letter "We must protect our dictators" (May 5) refers.

Zwelithini Mavuso believes there's a difference between dictators made by former colonialists and those made by the people and that the people's dictators must be protected by the people.

Dictators in Africa have done the following since the so-called end of colonialism.

They acquire huge wealth from their own country and invest it all in the former colonialist countries. The former colonial masters sell them weapons so they can stay in power.

When the African state eventually becomes dysfunctional owing to corruption and mismanagement, the dictators start oppressing and selling all the natural resources to the former colonial masters.

The dictators then borrow billions for "development", but spend it on themselves and their cronies.

Some African states are so debt-ridden that everything they will ever produce belongs to their former colonial masters.

Who benefits the most?

The former colonial masters get the natural resources of Africans for next to nothing and as a bonus the money gets invested in their own economies and banks.

A close second is the dictator and his cronies. The poverty-stricken oppressed Africans are the losers.

It doesn't matter who chooses or makes the dictator, the result is always the same.

Hein van Zyl, Cape Town