A sure path to success

What advice do you have on how to become a make-up artist?

What advice do you have on how to become a make-up artist?

Take anything you can get in the beginning. There are things to be learnt from every job. Many successful people started pretty small.

Money shouldn't be the driving force. You should fight to get experience and to establish networks first.

It will be difficult to make it in this industry if you can't make contacts. Taking all the jobs you can will not only give you experience but will enable you to create a portfolio as a marketing tool.

You should also learn to say no.

If something doesn't feel right to you, let's say nine times out of ten it is not right. You must have the guts to decline a job and wait for something that suits your profile.

Always have some savings set aside to give yourself peace of mind during hard times because such times come in any business.

It also allows you to extricate yourself from a bad situation or negotiate hard when you need to.

Be authentic in your word and your work ethic. Always come from a place of integrity.

Whether you get repeat business or not is influenced by the feeling people get when they read your name.

And whatever you do want to leave a good impression wherever you go.