Married widows, speak up

Mfana Ka Msuthu

Mfana Ka Msuthu

The advent of black economic empowerment (BEE) - an outright outward expression of the worship of money - has really destroyed the moral core of the previously disadvantaged community.

Many men now love money more than their wives. After all, when you have money you have the whole world eating out of your hand. It gives BEE men the power that attracts beautiful bimbos who keep them young and make them neglect their families, especially their wives.

More and more men, including those who were not born to be businesspeople, are misguided and believe that money can buy everything.

The monied BEE types enjoy luxurious lifestyles that make them the envy of many of their peers, friends and family.

In the previously disadvantaged community it is common for the newly rich to become a VIP because of the car they drive, the labels they wear and the address where they live - preferably a previously whites-only suburb.

Unfortunately, more and more male super-achievers are destroying their families because they think it is enough for a man to provide material wealth for their families and everything else they do should neither be challenged nor questioned, especially their moral behaviour.

The advent of the "married bachelor" is not a new social phenomenon. But it has, suddenly, taken an upward swing in the previously disadvantaged community since the emergence of freedom and its corollary of economic empowerment in the late 1990s.

Social experience and observation reveals that there are far too many men - especially married BEE achievers and other super-achiever types - who think that they can live like single men because they hold fat bank accounts that make it affordable.

They drink far into the night with beautiful bimbos and concubines. When they crawl home in the early hours their wives are not allowed to ask any questions.

The thinking among "married bachelors" is that material wellbeing and security - for which they have sacrificed too much, including quality time with their wives and families, is the cornerstone of a couple's happiness.

This is the justification for spending countless hours at drinking dens and expensive restaurants with demanding "clients" who make them work exceptionally long hours.

"Cultivating effective relationships" is what is important for successful wheeling and dealing. But "married bachelors" are having a jolly good time with their "clients" who often happen to be beautiful bimbos with explosive libidos and expensive material tastes.

This threatens family life and has resulted in increasing the divorce rate and abuse of women, which includes absent fathers, verbal insults, battering and threats to leave their wives.

When husbands are at home they tend to be moody, aggressive and distant.

What kind of successful man is it who will spend more than eight hours of quality time outside his home and still be regarded as a super-achiever while he destroys family values?

This is at a huge cost to moral regeneration and social cohesion.

Men cannot destroy their marriage and still have one, unless of course it is just a piece of paper.

It is time for "married widows" to speak up!