Taximan beats up woman

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zinhle Mapumulo

Another woman has been attacked - allegedly by a taxi driver.

Sindi Manyosi claims she was beaten up by a driver for refusing to board his taxi.

The incident, which has left the 23-year-old woman traumatised, happened on Monday on the corner of Fortesque and Webb streets in Yeoville, Johannesburg.

"I still have the marks to show what he did to me," Manyosi says. "He hit me as if he was beating another man. He punched me in the face and kicked me."

Manyosi says she is afraid to show her face in the newspaper because she fears the taxi drivers will victimise her.

She alleges she was standing on the corner with her friends when the taxi suddenly stopped.

"We all wondered why the driver stopped because we had not signalled," Manyosi says. "A passenger in the taxi told us the taxi was going to town.

"We told him we were not going anywhere. We were just standing there and chatting. That is when it all started.

"The driver started shouting, calling us liars and saying we were choosy about taxis. I said why should we be forced into his taxi even if we did not want to.

"He started swearing at me. calling me a 'bitch', and I returned the compliment.

"He jumped out of the taxi and I ran away. But he caught up with me and beat me up."

Manyosi has opened a case of assault.

Police Captain Cynthia Magoai confirms that a case has been opened and that the police are investigating.