Azapo congress 'to bring unity to BC formations'

The initiative by the three Black Consciousness-oriented parties to unite, will take one step closer to becoming a reality when one of them, Azapo, holds its national congress this weekend.

The two-day congress will be held at the George Bou Conference Centre in Pretoria on Friday and Saturday, starting at 11.30am. The congress will be addressed by president Mosibudi Mangena as well as Socialist Party of Azania (Sopa) leader Lybon Mabasa and Black People's Convention (BPC) chief Nkosi Molala.

Both Sopa and the BPC broke away from Azapo following policy differences. One of the issues that led to the split was the decision by Mangena to join President Thabo Mbeki's cabinet. This was seen by radical Azapo members as co-option.

Earlier this year the three parties announced their intention to re-unite and form "a formidable, credible black opposition party". - Ido Lekota