Zim suffers while world sleeps

The chaos in Zimbabwe is nothing new. Previously, Zanu-PF had:

The chaos in Zimbabwe is nothing new. Previously, Zanu-PF had:

lDestroyed the homes of more than 1,5 million people with the help of the army and police;

lDestroyed about 5000 commercial farms, which fed more than 10 million people and also provided the largest source of employment, foreign exchange and exports for the country.

l Made hate speech and anti-white racism national policy.

lArrested 1400 election observers in a presidential election. Human rights groups documented more than 70000 human rights abuses just in the run-up to the elections.

The abuses included severe beatings, abductions, torture and even murder, but Zanu-PF still manages to retain the support of the South African government.

lBlown up the only independent radio station and newspaper offices in the country and had judges who make rulings against the governing party attacked by mobs, even assaulted in their chambers;

lHad the police force attack 400 women who gathered for an all-night prayer meeting for peace on the eve of the elections.

lDevastated wildlife sanctuaries, destroyed a once thriving tourism industry and put even more people out of work, which has resulted in an 80 percent unemployment rate.

Naturally, the population first had to be disarmed before all this chaos could take place because it is very difficult for tyrants to do this when the population is armed.

The world sleeps.

Charl van Wyk, Glosderry