SKF staff have a heart

Siyabonga Africa

Siyabonga Africa

A South African man- ufacturing group recently took 40 disadvantaged children on an exhilarating boat ride as part of its corporate social initiative.

The company, SKF, said that it encourages its staff to take a more active role in its programme called Have a Heart .

The company treated children between the ages of three and six boat rides at the East Rand Speed Boat Club in Benoni in Ekurhuleni on April 16.

Employees of the company raised money to buy snacks for the children and fuel for the boats.

With the extra money the staff raised, they bought 40 towels - one for each child.

The boat outing and delicious snacks were thoroughly enjoyed by each and every child and excited employees said that there would be many more outings and treats for the children.

SKF is the sponsor for Legae Day Care Centre and St Francis Nursery School in Boksburg in Ekurhuleni.

The boat outing was the first challenge, but a spokesman for the company said staff members looked forward to other outings.

Other social deve- lopment projects that the company is involved in include the St Andrew's Community Childcare Centre, where young children who are affected by HIV-Aids are being looked after.