Hospital nightmare

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

Some officials at the Seshego Hospital in Limpopo will have to undergo trauma counselling after they came face to face with a former colleague who allegedly gunned down four of the institution's senior officials in a fit of rage last year.

"A girlfriend of one of the murdered officials collapsed as the accused walked along the passage of the hospital," an official said.

On Friday afternoon police escorted Samson Tsamago through the hospital for treatment.

He is awaiting trial for the murder of four officials he shot at the same hospital in October last year, following a disciplinary hearing.

Tsamago, 27, had complained of pain in one of his fingers and was taken to the same hospital where he allegedly shot dead four officials late last year. The dead are Putuka Mafa, who was the hospital's chief executive, Arnold Rambuda, the deputy corporate manager, Justice Maanda, labour relations officer, and Godfrey Mamashela, a transport officer.

Upon arrival at the hospital, escorted by police, the accused sent shivers down the spines of hospital staff. Among one of the people he came across, was a heavily pregnant girlfriend of one of the victims. According to Phuti Seloba, spokesman for the provincial department of health and social development, the woman fainted from shock when she saw Tsamago.

"It was clear that the woman became traumatised when she saw the man who allegedly killed her child's father," said Seloba.

"We don't know what she went through or how it will affect her and the baby. But we cannot rule out the possibility of a miscarriage," he said.

"The police should have known that bringing the man who allegedly killed people at the same institution would traumatise others. Their conduct was unprofessional," said an angry Seloba.

Provincial police spokesman Superintendent Mohale Ramatseba said they were not aware of the incident but would investigate and take action.

Tsamago was furious with his bosses after they charged him with misconduct for using a state vehicle without permission while under the influence of intoxicants.