Call for transitional rule

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

The South African National Civic Association in Gauteng has called for a transitional government in Zimbabwe.

"The Southern African Development Community (SADC) should give President Thabo Mbeki a mandate to facilitate the process towards the formation of a transitional government that will create stability in Zimbabwe," said Sanco chairman Siphiwe Thusi.

The call comes after Zimbabweans have waited for more than a month for the outcome of the March 29 national elections.

The final result of the highly contested elections between the opposition MDC and ruling Zanu-PF are now expected after a vote recount last week.

Thusi also acknowledged Mbeki and SADC for ensuring free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

"We call on all SADC leaders to stick to their guns and respect the laws of Zimbabwe," Thusi said.

"We must all strive to discourage opportunism and division in Zimbabwe at all costs."