Only traditional rulers allowed to run koma

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

The House of Traditional Leaders in Limpopo announced yesterday that only traditional leaders will be eligible to run initiation schools (koma) this year.

Limpopo Koma Task Team chairman Chief Vusani Netshimbupfe, pictured, said yesterday that the house would conduct workshops throughout the province next week with traditional leaders where koma school regulations would be outlined.

Netshimbupfe said the law allowed only eligible permit holders to run koma this year.

Netshimbupfe said those who run botched koma schools would face the full might of the law which, he said, would be tough on offenders.

He said koma was a traditional school and should be run by people who believe in tradition and who believe in preserving African customs.

Outlining some of the laws that govern koma schools in Limpopo, Netshimbupfe said children who want to enroll in the schools would have to undergo medical check-ups before they were admitted.

He said they would have to produce a medical report from a medical doctor or practitioner that proves they are fit to be enrolled in the school.

The schools would enroll only those who are 12 years or older.

He said it was of grave concern that some koma school principals were charging exorbitant fees for passage-to-manhood in their schools.

Netshimbupfe said the House of Traditional Leaders would have officers at the schools to monitor the situation.