GPA stands firm in row over licences

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

Promoter Xoli Gumede, deputy chairman of the Gauteng Promoters' Association (GPA), encouraged boxing promoters yesterday to renew their licences despite an uproar over the renewal process.

"I am certain that they will not meet any opposition. We [the executive of GPA] held an urgent meeting after receiving news that Boxing SA is not applying rules evenly in its new renewal order.

"There are two promoters who have already renewed their licences and they did not pay the deposit that Boxing SA wants us to pay," said Gumede, of Ethembeni Boxing Promotions.

"We had planned to take this matter to the high court, given the unlawfulness of this renewal of licences and the manner in which Boxing SA applies it, but we have decided not to pursue the high court route.

"We therefore believe Boxing SA will renew our licences without any hindrance or insults, as some of us were exposed to.

"We want to focus on the most important thing, continuing in our efforts to promote boxing and the nomination of the new board members of Boxing SA to be appointed by Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile next month."

Boxing SA announced last month that new fees were: R750 for national, international and world champions and R250 for other boxers; R550 for managers and trainers; R1050 for trainer-managers; R250 for seconds; R5050 for an international promoters' licence (plus R70000 deposit); R3050 for a national promoters' licence (plus R30000 deposit); and R2050 for a development licence (plus R10000 deposit).

Matchmakers and ring announcers will pay R350, grade A star officials R750, grade A R450 and grade B officials R250. Fees include a R50 administration levy.