Super Cup just keeps growing

Richard Nkosi

Richard Nkosi

Vusi Khoza is confident that the Selati Super Cup has the potential to grow into one of the most popular amateur tournaments in the country.

Speaking at the media launch of this year's edition in Malelane on Tuesday, Khoza, general manager of corporate communications at tournament sponsors TSB, said: "TSB, with various other companies, has once again taken giant strides to develop soccer in the region by staging the tournament again this year."

Pat Mashele, chairman of the Nkomazi Local Football Association, praised the sponsors.

The total prize money is R288000 in this year's event that includes R40000 for the winners, R25 000 for the runners-up, R12000 and R8000 for the third and fourth-placed teams in the men's section, thus setting a new benchmark for amateur knockout competitions in Mpumalanga.

The winners will also win a free trip to the Kruger National Park. Prizes in the women's section are R10 000 (champions), R5000 (second prize), R2500 (third) and R1500 (fourth).