The XF, a different Jaguar breed

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

I agree with people who say there is more to life than cars.

From family to literature and good wine and food.

However, there are cars that are just worth appreciating. These are the type of vehicles that can be associated with life. They are no fashion cars, but classics that can be parked in one's garage for more than 20 years.

What do you call them again?

Oh, investment cars.

You hardly ever hear of such cars at pubs and soccer game intervals. You will hear about these machines during tea breaks in the boardroom.

Still wondering where I'm going with this? My point here is to introduce you to the new Jaguar XF.

A car that will not be in your ears the whole time, but once you've seen it you will want to talk to your pals about it.

The launch of the new Jaguar XF was held in Cape Town last week.

The chief designer for XF, Wyne Burgess, was there to explain in detail what went down behind closed doors.

From looking at the new XF, one can notice the youthfulness that goes with it.

It is not surprising that the XF was designed by a team of young designers, including Burgess.

According to Burgess, this was to lure young executives to the Jaguar brand.

A brand that has long been associated with "older people and hats".

The first defining element of the new XF as a true sporting Jaguar is its visual strength. Driven by a bold new design language, the XF firmly emphasises contemporary and emotional themes while remaining unmistakeably a Jaguar.

The XF is a different breed of a Jaguar, to celebrate one's success without losing your youth.

The XF was launched in two engine derivatives, the 4,2 normally aspirated V8 and the 4,2 V8 Supercharged.

With other engines such as the 3,0-litre petrol V6 and 2,7-litre V6 diesel following later.

On the road, the XF did its duties well, especially at those twisty Franschhoek passes.

However, the XF felt heavy at corners, but this cannot be a defining factor for this car. It is a large saloon after all.

A dramatic expression of a bold new Jaguar design language, with a driving experience that exceeds expectations created by the striking appearance: relaxed and confident, with outstanding ability and control.

Resolutely true to the Jaguar philosophy of creating beautiful, fast cars, the XF goes further, adding a new dimension to the marque. The four-door XF has the visual excitement of a coupe, but room inside for five adults to enjoy an interior wholly contemporary in style yet uniquely Jaguar.

The XF range is priced from R499000 to R783850.