Hydrogen the future if GM has its way

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

General Motors Corporation (GMC) has recently made a plea to world governments to invest in hydrogen infrastructure. According to the giant carmaker, a lack of infrastructure was a serious stumbling block to the mass production of eco-friendly vehicles.

Higher production volumes of these vehicles were necessary to achieve the desired targets for reducing the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

GMC also pointed out that a study it had conducted together with Shell Hydrogen concluded that hydrogen infrastructure was not only feasible but also economically viable.

Larry Burns, vice president of research, development and strategic planning, said his company was doing everything possible to aggressively develop this critically important technology.

He said: "We have reached a stage where we cannot continue to make significant progress on our own. Our customers must have access to safe, convenient and affordable hydrogen."

What this essentially means for consumers is that if GMC gets its way, hydrogen-powered vehicles will become more affordable.