Allow preschool children to play games that are suitable

Here are some more ideas for structured play with your preschool child.

Here are some more ideas for structured play with your preschool child.

l Play bounce catch, practise throwing, balance a beanbag on your head while walking, play freeze dance and play wheelbarrow by holding your child's legs while he or she walks on his or her hands.

Many parents are eager to enroll preschool children in organised sports, but this is not recommended until a child is a little older. Young children can't understand complex rules and often lack the attention span, skills and coordination needed.

If you decide to enrol your preschool child in cricket or soccer, make sure the emphasis is on helping the child gain basic physical skills such as running, and fundamental social skills such as following rules and taking turns.

If you find your child is not ready for the team or not interested in sports, focus instead on helping the child continue to work on hopping on one foot, catching a ball, doing somersaults and maybe riding a bicycle.

If you want to teach your child to play baseball, start by teaching basic skills such as throwing, catching and hitting off a T-ball stand.

Unstructured play...

This is when the child is left more to his or her own devices - in a safe environment. A child should be able to choose from activities such as exploring, playing with toys, painting and drawing, doing puzzles or playing dress-up.

Young kids like to take on a gender-specific role because they are beginning to identify with members of the same gender.

A girl might pretend to be her mom by working in the garden, while a boy might mimic his dad by pretending to cut the lawn. Young children keep an eye on how you spend your time, so set a good example by exercising regularly. - Kidshealth