Motlhamme was devotedto the struggle

Dan Habedi

Dan Habedi

Chris Motlhamme, Azapo's national secretary for manpower utilisation, has died. Comrade Lucky, as Motlhamme was known, died on April 9 at Helen Joseph Hospital. He had been in and out of hospital.

Motlhamme was born on September 13 1959 in Moletsane, Soweto. He attended Lerechabetse Lower Primary School.

Motlhamme joined the South African Students Movement SASM in 1975. SASM was linked to the South African Students Organisation (Saso) and the Black People's Convention, the predecessors of Azapo.

He joined the Moletsane unit of Azapo in 1979 and became active in all its programmes. He was also involved in trade union activities as one of the Black Consciousness Movement foot soldiers who contributed to the growth of the labour movement.

He was a victim of police harassment several times and even had a close brush with death during the days of the feud between Azapo and the United Democratic Front.

Motlhamme also used his experience as a political activist to facilitate unity meetings between the South African Youth Revolutionary Council and the Azanian Youth Organisation to bring about BCM youth unity.

As an underground operative, he assisted Azanla fighters and led the success of many operations of the Azanla forces led by Nkutsoeu Motsau and current Azapo president Mosibudi Mangena.

Motlhamme, who is survived by his wife Nelly, father, two sisters and two brothers, will be buried tomorrow at Avalon Cemetery. The service will start at 7.30am at the Moletsane Secondary School hall in Moletsane, Soweto.