Roof collapses during lessons

Victor Hlungwani

It was like a scene from a Hollywood movie when the grade 10 pupils at Risinga High School in Giyani, Limpopo, ran for cover after noticing that the roof of their classroom was collapsing on them.

The 22-year-old school was built by the former Gazankulu homeland and was among the best schools in the Giyani area.

Andrew Mabasa, a class representative, said he saw soil falling from the walls, and at the same time heard a rattling sound coming from the roof.

Mabasa told his class teacher to warn other teachers to evacuate their pupils.

"A few minutes after we had left the class we heard a huge noise - and the roof collapsed.

"We are grateful that we are still alive because it could have been the end for all of us." another pupil, Ntshovelo Rikhotso, said.

"I won't forget the drama that unfolded at school and I don't want to go back to those classrooms because it looks as if the building is very old.

"I'm very scared,"

School principal George Hlungwani said it was not known why the roof had caved in because it had never shown any signs of collapsing.

Limpopo Department of Education spokesman Rapule Mbatsani said they would send contractors to repair the roof.

"We will also investigate what caused the roof to give in," said Mbatsani.