I am tempted not to pay my municipal bills

I am an angry law-abiding citizen from Mamelodi Gardens.

I am an angry law-abiding citizen from Mamelodi Gardens.

I am aware that many households do not pay their municipal accounts and I am tempted to do the same.

We are a family of five. My wife and eldest son an I leave for work every morning and my other child goes to school. Only one person stays home.

Mamelodi Gardens is neither Waterkloof nor Sandton but I challenge anyone to check the ridiculous municipal tariffs we are charged.

Honest citizens who pay their monthly tariffs are punished.

It looks as if the more you pay the more your municipal bills go up. Last month I missed one payment and my electricity was cut off.

The people who switched it off promised to reconnect my electricity only if I paid them R200 on the spot. I refused to pay and decided to make payment arrangements at the municipal offices.

This kind of corruption has been going on for many years and nobody investigates it.

There are people who owe the municipality thousands but their electricity or water is never switched off.

Our city is dirty. Perhaps those who do not pay are discouraged to do so by the lack of service delivery, especially in the townships.

On every street corner there is a pile of garbage. The streets of Mamelodi leave much to be desired. There are potholes everywhere.

Gregory Masondo,

Mamelodi Gardens