Fix our contry while we can

I am writing this letter after having travelled on the killer potholed N11 to Volksrust.

I appreciate the fact that there is work being done on roads in other areas, but I cannot understand why the roads in this area are not maintained. Marking the potholes makes no difference because roads with potholes are dangerous to road users.

When I drove on that road I thought about selfish and arrogant Tito Mboweni explaining away inhuman interest rates and wondered where our taxes are going to?

How can he say that South Africans do not save while he lives off our money?

Everything goes up, but roads are not maintained and other services are not being delivered.

Where are we heading? Is South Africa becoming another self-destructive country? I do not care how much petrol costs in the US because I live here and I want to live like a South African.

Our leaders must wake up and stop pointing fingers. They must fix things while they still can.

The 2010 World Cup is just an event. There is life beyond that tournament. Fighting one another will make us spend time in court instead of on developing ourselves. How many imbizos do we need?

Who does not know the problems we are facing? Don't be silly with your stupid budgets Mboweni and Trevor Manuel. We are tired of being paid paltry salaries while you live subsidised lives.

Moudy Mudzielwana, Edenvale