Police nab money greedy bogus healers

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Three bogus traditional healers who operated at Umlazi in Durban, have been arrested on charges of conning their victims out of thousands of rands.

The tricksters have fleeced desperate residents with false promises that muti potions would spice up their love life, heal them and bring back family members from the dead.

The three men, said to be from Togo in West Africa, operated as traditional healers in the township for several months until members of the community found that they were being ripped off and laid charges at the local police station. They were arrested on Friday

Police spokesman Khephu Ndlovu said "healers" allegedly conned residents, taking money from them and promising that their healing powers would bring back the dead and return their lost lovers.

The suspectare Mukata Patric, 35, Ahmed Nfudu and Shabana Cameo, 32.

Lindiwe Ndlovu, one of their gullible victims, said she visited the three men to seek help for persistent headaches. She said that on her first visit she paid R30 for a consultation and was told that her days were numbered and she would not die if she paid R680 for muti that would cure her.

"I did not have enough money so I only paid them R300 and promised to come back with the balance after a few days," said the distraught Ndlovu.

Ndlovu said she became suspicious when she was told she needed to pay an additional R1800 to buy a goat to perform a ritual for her.

"They refused the offer when I said I would buy the goat myself and bring it to them.

"These people were only squeezing more money from me, and the treatment they were giving me was not working," she said.

Ndlovu said things got worse when they called her regularly, urging her to bring the money, failing which she would die of the headaches in a few hours.

"I decided to lay a charge at the police station and I discovered that there were other people who had also done the same. I was terrified, but here I am, days have gone by and I am still alive."