Ideal car for student or city slicker

2006 Kia Picanto 1,1 Base

2006 Kia Picanto 1,1 Base

Price: From R64900

Mileage: From 20000km

Colour: Various colours

Motor plan: Optional extra

Dealer: Auto Pedigree Meadowdale, Auckland Park

Charl Wilken

As fuel prices continue to rocket, more and more people need to buy cars that are economic on fuel, good value for money and equally reliable.

Our used test car for this week was a 2006 Kia Picanto base model with air conditioning.

Both the exterior and interior looked good.

The Picanto is probably the most popular Kia in the entry level segment.

The design is still very contemporary, displaying that "cute" factor to it.

On the inside everything is in close reach of the driver, easy to operate and looks neat.

This is not a family sedan, but we can honestly say that four people will sit comfortably.

When it comes to boot capacity, the Picanto is on par with the standard in its segment.

Driving the Picanto in peak-hour traffic is a pleasure as it is easy to manoeuvre.

For a small engine like this, the Picanto cruises comfortably at freeway speeds.

Best of all is that you don't have to watch the fuel indicator as the needle will take a while to reach the end of the line.

Under the bonnet is a relatively small power plant that can hold its head high up when it comes to putting the power on to the road.

The three-cylinder 1,1-litre engine develops 48 kW and 99 Nm of torque driving through a five-speed manual gearbox to the front wheels.

Fuel consumption is a low 6,8 litres per 100km.

The Picanto is the ideal car for the student or for the city slicker.