Glamour and style

We are at Soi Restaurant in trendy Melville in Joburg. It's almost deserted because the restaurant is closed.

We are at Soi Restaurant in trendy Melville in Joburg. It's almost deserted because the restaurant is closed.

As we are about to leave, Uyanda Mbuli, well-known TV presenter and socialite, calls us over. She and Gert-Johan Coetzee, her business partner, look busy.

Mbuli is a businesswoman of note. After leaving her top job at SABC1, she went into business and is managing director of Agenda Communications.

She and young and talented clothing designer Coetzee have just started what they say will be a trend-setting clothing label here, on the continent and globally. They have just launched Diamond Face Couture (DFC), and intend dressing high flyers.

They will debut a stunning summer collection at the South African Fashion Week in August.

A glimpse of what to expect will be seen at the Sama next month at Sun City.

DFC will dress a select group of celebrities, including singer Lira. Mbuli says Lira was chosen because she is a class musician who dresses decently and whose personality suits typical DFC designs. The clothes are also for people who have to go to a function straight after work.

Coetzee, 29, who is in charge of the designs, is not just another designer. He has a number of awards behind him. During the recent Strictly Come Dancing TV show, he was head designer for the VIPs and also dressed presenter Sandy Ngema.

Mbuli says: "I have always been focused and know what I want. Though I am known as a socialite and TV presenter, I am more than that. I am an independent economic player who is very much into business, and the launch of DFC is part of my business life."

She is deputy chairman of the Gauteng Film Commission, she has a B Com degree from University of the Western Cape, a national diploma in marketing and sales and a project management certificate from the University of Johannesburg.

Mbuli also presented African Giants, the SABC2 Saturday morning show, which has just completed its season.

"A lot of people did not understand why I left what they considered to be a top job at SABC1. I did my job and when it was done, I moved on. That is how I work."

So how different will DFC be from others on the market?

"DFC epitomises glamour and style and is aimed at the young and also those who are young at heart, women who are laid-back, yet sophisticated and extremely trendy, " Mbuli says.

"The summer collection was created for the modern-day diva and fashionista who wants to set, not follow, trends. It is for the youthful, daring, unpredictable and bold."

Prices range from R500 to R3500 for the ready-to-wear stuff.

"But for our exclusive red-carpet range, you'll pay between R5000 and R8000," says Mbuli.