Masses should rise and fight

Cosatu is preparing to mobilise workers and the working class generally to embark on a massive campaign through marches and demonstrations, aimed at voicing our anger towards skyrocketing food prices countrywide.

We cannot continue to be victimised by these price increases as if there is nothing we can do. We demand the government to set up measures for food price regulation. Now.

Workers have the power to bargain and it should be unleashed to challenge the current status quo. Employers are always adamant in making serious material changes in favour of workers, for them to participate in the economic mainstream. Therefore, it is logical that workers should use their labour power to level the playing field.

South Africa is one of highly unequal societies in the world and the trade union movement should intensify its struggle against unemployment, poverty, privatisation of medical care, the stinking wage gap and other ills prevailing in the current economic set-up.

There is great need to call out the masses. There is a greater need for the masses to demand quality service delivery. There is even a greater need to call on the masses to claim a sizeable stake in the economic mainstream.

We have experienced a number of economic frustrations as a result of capitalist policies of fiscal discipline. First, it was the bread price-fixing scandal.

Then followed the milk price fixing scam.

Benzi Soko, Johannesburg